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Are you looking for CFO and Exit Strategy services for your DC Metro based business? B2B CFO® has the tools, talent and experience to help you reach your goals. B2B CFO® has what you need with more than 25 years of experience helping small to mid-size privately held businesses in the DC Metro region. Please take a good look around our website, review our partners, and take advantage of our free business check-up, The Discovery Analysis™. We offer this complimentary service to all business owners, and we would love to show you what we can do to improve your business. Take the first step and compare your performance with other businesses in your industry to help you reach your full potential.

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Do You Still Have Passion For Your Business?

What Do a Good TED Talk and Running a Small Business Have in Common?

Earlier this year my partners and I were introduced to Carmine Gallo and his book Talk Like TED. In the book Carmine talks about the three components that are present in the most inspiring and successful TED (Technology, Education, Design) talks.…

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A Daily Exercise for All Business Owners

There is one piece of information every business owner should know at all times, or should at least have at his or her fingertips – the amount of available cash.   This sounds very basic, and it is, but it is surprising how many business owners would be unaware of that number. …

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Disaster Recovery Plans. Worth the Time and Money? Yes!

In the wake of the destructive hurricanes that have hit the United States recently, I thought an appropriate topic this month would be disaster recovery.  It’s not normally in the nature of an entrepreneur to be a pessimist, but to protect your business you must at some point imagine what a worst-case scenario looks like.…

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“Begin With The End In Mind”………Stephen Covey

There are several different courses you can take with your business based upon what your exit strategy is. For that reason, it is always good to have a clear idea of your strategy from the very beginning. Some questions you might ask yourself are, 1) is there someone in the family who wants to continue with the business once you retire?…

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Is It Time To Expand? Questions To First Ask Yourself And Your Team.

The very nature of the typical entrepreneur is to think big and take the risks necessary to be big.  It is this trait in the many who have built America’s small businesses, that has made this country what it is today.  After a few years of success, most are looking for ways to expand upon that success. 

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