An Innovative Way of Helping the Homeless

I came upon the article below in a recently newsletter from Bisnow, a local published and event organizer whose self-proclaimed goal is to be the People Magazine of DC business.

Want to make a few extra bucks? Richard Kreimer happens to have hit upon a tactic (An Innovative Way of Helping the Homeless). He’s a homeless man who sues entities that throw him out or bar him from entering. So far, the nearly 20 suits based on First Amendment and civil rights violations have yielded hundreds of thousands of dollars. (To keep his fellow homeless from looking for the money, he says he keeps it with his lawyer, George Cotz.) Despite the dollars, Richard remains on the streets, frequenting NJ’s Secaucus Junction, which he’s sued four times. He has a well-honed nose for law, quoting SCOTUS cases and knowing that anti-loitering laws (for which he’s been searched and ordered out of Newark Penn Station)have been ruled unenforceable. Other targets of his sting operations include a library, Chinese restaurant, a coffeehouse, and various municipalities. The library suit won him $80K; one against Morristown, NJ, garnered $150K.

I have to admit wondering whether, in joining B2B CFO, I had picked the suboptimal solution… to find an innovative way of helping the homeless 🙂

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