An Interesting Perspective on Steve Jobs

A number of Harvard Business School professors recently weighed in on the legacy of Steve Jobs. One of the more interesting commentaries came from Professor Regina Herzlinger. Reggie was one of my professors when I was in the HBS MBA program. Here’s what she had to stay about Apple’s late and lamented CEO:

The life of Steve Jobs is like a biblical saga. A mighty prophet emerges, visionary and charismatic, but he is imperfect. He deserts early allies (Steve Wozniak) and has other troubled relationships. He is widely spurned because he is so harsh and demanding. He is in turn betrayed by his closest ally (John Sculley), but ultimately the clarity of his vision and charisma triumph, and he transforms the world. The transformation in communications he creates gives ordinary people the voice to topple mighty businesses and governments. Would you expect any less from a mighty prophet?

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