Are You Drowning in Receipts?

If you’re a small business person, how good are you at taking all your receipts and entering them into your accounting software right away? Many of us struggle with this – I know that I sometimes wait till my wallet is crammed full of coffee, meal, parking, and other receipts, then finally empty it out. Getting these expenses into the right place in Quickbooks (which I use for my own accounting needs) can be challenging, and it can take me an hour or two to get the work done.

Remember the old stories about people who throw receipts into a shoebox all year long, then take them to their tax preparer to sort out? Well, now there’s a new service,, that can do that for your business.

I haven’t used Shoeboxed myself. However, I recently found this very interesting video on YouTube from a guy I follow on LinkedIn, Seth Davis. He does a lot of online Quickbooks training.

The video is a little long, but well worth watching. The URL is:


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