Staying on Top of E-Mail, Part Deux

In my last blog post, I spoke of how I’ve taken one work day a month, which I call my Integration Day, and use it to catch up on my e-mail. In the last few companies where I’ve worked, e-mail is as important a communication and task assignment method as meetings are, and much more… Read more »

Staying on Top of E-Mail, Part 1

Do you feel like you’re ever “caught up” with your e-mail? Most people don’t. And it often stresses them out big time. I had a VP who worked for me at a previous employer who was incredibly dedicated, working 12-14 hours each day and putting in time on the weekends as well. Even with all… Read more »

Northern Virginia: The Skinny

My B2B CFO® base of operations is “Northern Virginia” (although I have clients in Washington DC and Maryland as well). If you live around here, you know what Northern Virginia is, although you’d be hard-pressed to find something on a map that says Northern Virginia. Here’s how Wikipedia defines it: “Northern Virginia” is more of… Read more »

Sticking My Head in the Cloud

Cloud computing. It just seems like another case of computer hype. Isn’t this just like the old days where you had a dumb terminal and all your processing power and data was somewhere else (like a huge room in the basement with rows of tape drives and flashing lights)? Or even the not-quite-so-old days when… Read more »

Buzz Word-opoly

This morning I was listening to an audio program about improving your elevator speech. For those who don’t know what an elevator speech is, it’s a short (30-60 seconds) speech where you introduce yourself and what you do at a networking or business function. It’s called an elevator speech because you’re supposed to imagine stepping… Read more »

Private Equity Interest in Government Contractors

I attended an interesting seminar this week on Private Equity investment in Federal contractors. For those of you who don’t live in DC, Federal contractors are the “town industry” around here. There were speakers from three private equity funds: one invests in larger firms where the owner/founder is looking for an exit, one specializes in… Read more »

What’s the Lifetime Value of a Customer?

Do you find yourself isolating your view of your company’s customers, thinking of some as high yield and others as just breaking even? That may be true in a particular month. However, over longer periods of time, the comparison becomes more complex, and sometimes even counter-intuitive. From 2006-2011, I was the Chief Operating Officer of… Read more »

Health Insurance and Small Businesses: Easy to Swallow?

Last week I attended a conference on health care reform sponsored jointly by the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and the Harvard Business School Health Industry Association. One of the presentations was on the upcoming “state exchanges” which are supposed to be in place by 2014 – some states (Massachusetts, Utah) have exchanges up and running,… Read more »