Buzzword of the Week: “Invest, Then Investigate”

You’ve all heard the maxim of “Ready, Fire, Aim.” There’s a financial analog, according to Investopedia. “Invest, then Investigate” is an investment strategy where investors purchase a stock first and do research and due diligence second. Invest, then investigate – or investing first and researching next – is a risky and speculative approach to making… Read more »

5 Weight Loss Tips from Behavioral Economists

This year, I’ve embarked on a weight loss program and (at this writing) have lost more than 30 pounds toward my 50 pound goal. I’ve been using Weight Watchers successfully. However, I’m always interested in “what works?” I found a recent article in the HBS Working Knowledge blog that discusses Business scholars, particularly behavioral economists,… Read more »

Buzzword of the Week: Glocalization

Looking through the Investopedia diction, I found that Glocaliszation is a combination of the words “globalization” and “localization” used to describe a product or service that is developed and distributed globally, but is also fashioned to accommodate the user or consumer in a local market. This means that the product or service may be tailored… Read more »

Are the “Big Four” Audit Firms Too Big to Fail?

October 29 is a good day for this blog entry. Finally, the economy seems to be [mostly] back on its feet. However, the “Too Big To Fail”experience from the 2008 recession still scares me. It seems, according to a recent article in the HBS Working Knowledge newsletter, that banks are not the only institutions we… Read more »

Buzzword of the Week: Gazump

When I first hear this week’s buzzword, I thought someone was being blessed after sneezing. I was wrong. According to the Investopedia dictionary, a gazump is the practice of raising the price of a previously agreed-upon real estate transaction. A gazump refers to a situation where a seller and buyer of a piece of real… Read more »

Altruistic Capital: Harnessing Your Employee’s Intrinsic Goodwill

Everyone comes to the table with some amount of “altruistic capital,” a stock of intrinsic desire to serve, says Harvard Business School Professor Nava Ashraf. Her research, highlighted in a recent issue of the HBS Working Knowledge newsletter, includes a study of what best motivates hairdressers in Zambia to provide HIV/AIDS education in their salons.… Read more »

Northern Virginia Communities: Tysons Galleria Mall

I do a lot of networking meetings, and have spent untold hours at Starbucks, Panera, and other establishments. One of my favorite places to meet people is the Tysons Galleria mall. It’s right off the Beltway, and I can get there from my home for a meeting in less than 15 minutes. Tysons Galleria is… Read more »

Buzzword of the Week: Back Up

Perhaps I’m being too forward in my thinking. Investopedia tells us this week about Back Up, a slang term for the movement in spread, price or yield of a security, which makes it more expensive to issue. Back up is characterized by an increase in bond yields and a decrease in price. The price of… Read more »