Buzzword of the Week: Affluenza

The flu season will be on us soon. One similar disease to be wary of is Affluenza. According to Investopedia, affluenza is a social condition arising from the desire to be more wealthy, successful or to “keep up with the Joneses.” Affluenza is symptomatic of a culture that holds up financial success as one of the highest achievements. People said to be affected by affluenza typically find that the very economic success they have been so vigorously chasing ends up leaving them feeling unfulfilled, and wishing for yet more wealth.

Affluenza is arguably present in the United States, where the culture is one that prides itself on possessions and financial success. Mainstream media outlets, such as television broadcasts, tend to show how pervasive the idea has become.

While affluenza cannot be quantified easily, those wishing to avoid the condition should look to be the master of, not a slave to, the things they have or wish to obtain.

I don’t believe there is yet an affluenza vaccine, except perhaps for taking holy orders or living in a commune.


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