Buzzword of the Week: Aunt Millie

Here’s an interesting buzzword I found in the Investopedia dictionary. Personally, I don’t have an aunt named Millie, but in conversations with friends and acquaintances over the years about investing for retirement, it turns out I know some Aunt Millies.

According to Investopedia, Aunt Millie is a slang term for an uneducated or unsophisticated investor. The term is considered a derogatory remark in the financial sector, often used to refer to poor investment choices.

Financial professionals might recommend an Aunt Millie investment to clients who are unfamiliar with investing. Because the professional tries to match the investment to the customer, he or she will typically offer Aunt Millie a simple, low-risk investment.

Analysts may use the term to berate a stock or other security. For example, one may say that investing in a certain stock is so foolish, only Aunt Millie would buy it.

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