Buzzword of the Week: Pip-Squeak Pop

This one is for those of you who traffic in penny stocks.

According to Investopedia, pip-squeak pop is “a slang term used to describe a moderate price increase in a stock. A pip-squeak pop is generally used to describe a situation where a stock appreciates a sizable amount in a short period of time, but does not double or triple in value.

Traders of penny stocks often use the term when a holding climbs 25-50%, which would in most cases be considered a significant increase; however penny traders generally seek returns far greater when investing in such stocks. Pip-squeak pop has also been used by foreign exchange traders, referencing a small move by a currency in a favorable direction by a few ‘pips’.”

I’m a short person myself, so when I first saw this term I thought it applied to my Dad. Nice to know it’s made it into the financial lexicon.

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