Buzzword of the Week: Twinternship

I have two kids in college presently, and as summertime approaches we often have conversations about internships. Here’s a unique kind of internship I recently learned about on Investopedia, the twinternship.

A twinternship is an internship in which the intern is charged with using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to drive attention to a company and its products. A twinternship is usually an unpaid (although paid positions are not uncommon), temporary position in which a “twintern” will use popular social media outlets to publicize products and promotions for a business.

Twinterns are also known as “brand advocates”.

Twinterns usually work as a part of a company’s public relations team. Twinternships have gained popularity as a cheap and relatively easy way to communicate a company’s brand with younger, tech-savvy consumers. Some companies have even held promotional contests to award similar paid positions to young twinternship hopefuls.

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