Can Applied Economics Save Homeless Puppies?

There’s a tendency to think of businesses as cold-hearted. That’s why I was so glad to read a recent blog entry in HBS Working Knowledge about an organization that wants to do good using business principals.

In 2012, Christine L. Exley and Elena Battles launched a startup called Wagaroo in pursuit of a noble market design: finding homes for dogs and vice versa. The Wagaroo website describes the company as “a team of fun humans with years of dog experience and a desire to create a healthier, happier marketplace for matching dogs and people.” Using principals of market design, Exley and Battles tried to lower the search costs of finding a pet to adopt. They also addressed the market problem of asymmetric market information, in which one side (the animal shelter) has more information than the other (the pet adopter), trying to even the score.

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