Find a Mentor; Become a Mentor

Being Mentored and Mentoring

I must admit this is one piece of advice that I wish someone had given to me thirty years ago.  As I interview people who have had varying degrees of personal success, very few of the most successful go very long without mentioning what an important part a mentor played in their success.  Mentors can appear in many forms.  They can be a senior member in your business or industry, a teacher, a close confidante, or even a peer.  Where you look for a mentor really depends on your personal needs.  No doubt everyone needs someone with whom they can discuss ideas and air frustrations.  There should be a high level of trust.  Generally, someone who is early in their career should look for a mentor who can teach and guide.

For the entrepreneur, there are many resources available from people who have succeeded and/or failed in their ventures.  SCORE is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with the Small Business Association.  It is an organization of retired businessmen and women who offer their mentoring services to small businesspeople.  In addition, they give workshops and resources on many specific topics that could be of benefit to the entrepreneur.  I use SCORE as an example because of the second part of this tip; become a mentor.  Many of these retired executives have already given a lifetime of benefit to society and deserve to relax and live a life of leisure.  However, many would tell you that their job as mentor gives them just as much satisfaction as the success they reached during their careers.

Everyone Needs a Mentor

Behind every successful person is a great mentor. I enjoy watching video presentations by the great speakers of today.  If you had a list of the greatest, it would have to include the name Brian Tracy.  For years Brian Tracy has dominated the motivational speakers’ circuit.  He has made millions of dollars helping people gain success in both business and life.  What I didn’t realize was even Brian Tracy had a mentor.  His mentor was the great Stephen Covey, the 7 Habits of Effective People guy and co-founder of Franklin Covey.  This company provides an array of management training services and products.  Granted, Tracy and Covey are two men who rose to unbelievable heights.  However, it only makes sense that having a great mentor would help give you a blueprint for some degree of success in your given field.  Anything to make it easier.

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