Are You Always There For Your Customers?

Be a Hero to your Customers

More than likely, there will come a day when one of your customers will call you with an emergency and ask for your help.  It’s good business to be ready to go above and beyond when this happens.  This isn’t a customer asking for free stuff, or special response time for no reason.  This is when a customer has a genuine crisis and there is something you can do to help.  For instance, you may sell a piece of equipment that is a vital part of a customer’s business.  On the day of a big job that equipment breaks down and it will take a few days to fix.  Be ready with a loaner machine, or find a resource that will help him finish his work.  Even if it costs you a little extra money, the benefits you will get from a testimonial after you have saved the day will pay off many times over.  You should jump at every opportunity to help.

When I was in the office products industry we called them “toner stories”.  Some of our customers were businesses that had very time sensitive work, such as accounting and law firms.  In the days when accounting firms relied heavily on printed documents, it was devastating to run out of toner in the days just prior to April 15th .  I can’t count the number of times our employees picked up toner in our warehouse and delivered it to a business in crisis.  They did this in their own cars and on their own time.  It’s just what we did.

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