Northern Virginia Communities: Ashburn, VA

A few months ago, I wrote in my blog about the Data Center Boom, i.e., the rapid growth of data centers to support the movement of data and applications to “The Cloud.” Ashburn, Virginia, located between Washington Dulles International Airport and Leesburg, Virginia, is DC Metro location that has benefitted most from this boom.

Ashburn is located in Loudoun County, Virginia, 30 miles northwest of Washington, D.C., and is part of the Washington Metropolitan Area. The Ashburn was originally called Farmwell (variant names include Old Farmwell and Farmwell Station) after a nearby mansion of that name owned by George Lee III. The name Farmwell first appeared in George Lee’s October 1802 will and was used to describe the 1,236-acre plantation he inherited from his father, Thomas Ludwell Lee II. A section of Farmwell plantation west of Ashburn Road, a 580-acre tract, was purchased in 1841 by lawyer and almost vice-president John Janney, a Quaker, as a summer home. John Janney called the property Ashburn Farm (first known written use is 1870 when he sold the property). It is likely he named the farm after family friends named Ashburn.

As of 2010, Ashburn’s population is 88,397. Many of its residents commute into Washington, D.C. and the surrounding suburbs such as Tysons Corner and Reston to their places of employment. The median household income as of 2009 was $100,719. Median age in Ashburn is 31.6. Ashburn’s population is made up of 49% males and 51% females. 68 percent of the population are married. The ethnic groups were White (71%), Asian/Pacific Islander (14%), African American (8%), Hispanic (7%), and Other race (7%). 98% percent of Ashburn residents have a high school degree,] 42% hold a four-year bachelor’s degree, and 18 percent hold graduate degrees.

Located within the Dulles Technology Corridor, Ashburn is home to many high-tech businesses. Prior to 2009, AOL had its headquarters in Ashburn, but today, maintains its Ashburn location as a satellite office, while its headquarters were moved to New York City. According to AOL’s Real Estate website, the future job growth of Ashburn is projected to be 26% over the next ten years. The unemployment rate is at 3%.

Redskins Park, the training camp for the Washington Redskins football team of the National Football League, is also located in Ashburn.

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