Northern Virginia Communities: Mosaic District

I have lived in Northern Virginmosaic district cfo dc areaia for 35 years. Right outside the infamous Beltway is the unincorporated town of Merrifield. Merrifield used to be an area of mostly seedy warehouses, but in the last couple of years, major transformation has taken place. One of the most exciting of these has been the opening of the Mosaic District, a mixed-use development including shopping, restaurants, a great independent cinema movie theater, townhomes, and restaurants. We’re over there at least 2-3 times a week because we love it so much. Here’s what the developers have to say about the Mosaic District:

Discover Washington DC’s most innovative retail & entertainment experience. Mosaic is elevating the community experience to a new standard by creating a vibrant,sophisticated environment that connects families and friends together. The unique experience is created through a hand-selected mix of retailers & restaurants, intelligent urban-design and our passion for enabling authentic community engagement. Mosaic brings all of these together to create Washington DC’s most innovative retail & entertainment community. A curated mix of unique retail, restaurant and entertainment experiences. Mosaic includes a hand-selected mix of DC’s top independent fashion boutiques, inspired culinary options, healthy grocers, an art house cinema, and premier national retailers. An intelligent & connective urban design Mosaic is pioneering intelligent urban design and enhancing the way people interact and create community. Mosaic piloted the country’s LEED Neighborhood Development Program and achieved LEED Silver certification. We continually work to help individual retailers adopt sustainable business practices. At Mosaic, you will sense this innovative approach to design in the thoughtful consideration and deliberate details built throughout Mosaic. From wide tree-lined sidewalks to convenient seating to high heel-friendly paving, every detail works to create an experience for you that’s comfortable and approachable. Even parking is noticeably easier atMosaic because of our thoughtful design. Multiple well-lit garages all include Smart Signs placed at entrances to let you know in real-time how many spaces are left on each level of the garage. Save the hassle of driving around searching for a space. Mosaic also has valet for our fastest, most convenient way to arrive A place to connect & discover. Mosaic is a colorful, dynamic community that invites you to slow down and experience the joy of connection. Come discover Mosaic!

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