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Jul 23Doug Smith

Northern Virginia: Diversity Personified

Jul 23Doug Smith

Washington DC is an international town, and Northern Virginia is just as much so. According to Wikipedia:

Northern Virginia is home to people from diverse backgrounds, with significant numbers of Arab Americans, Afghan Americans, Ethiopian Americans, Korean Americans, Indian Americans, Iranian Americans, American Jews, Pakistani Americans, and Vietnamese Americans, along with other Americans of Asian descent, especially a growing Chinese American and Filipino American population concentrated in the eastern part of Fairfax County. Annandale, Chantilly, and Fairfax County have large Korean American communities. Falls Church has a large Vietnamese American community. Northern Virginia is also home to a small Tibetan American community as well.

There is a sizable Hispanic American population, primarily consisting of Salvadoran Americans, Peruvian Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, Dominican Americans, Bolivian Americans, Mexican Americans, and Colombian Americans. Arlington is the center of the largest Bolivian American community in North America. Many of these immigrants work in transportation-related fields, small businesses, hospitality/restaurants, vending, gardening, construction, and cleaning.



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