Northern Virginia: Follow the Money

In a past post, I talked about how diverse and international Northern Virginia was. It’s also highly educated and quite well off. Wikipedia tells us that:

Northern Virginia is highly educated, with 55.5% of its population 25 years or older holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. This is comparable to Seattle, the most educated large city in the U.S., with 53.4% of residents having at least a bachelor’s degree. The number of graduate/professional degree holders in Arlington County is relatively high at 34.3%, nearly quadruple the rate of the U.S. population as a whole. Similar statistics hold for the other counties of Northern Virginia.

The Northern Virginia region is also known for its relative affluence. Of the large cities or counties in the nation that have a median household income in excess of $100,000, the top two are in Northern Virginia, and these counties have over half of the region’s population. However, considering that Northern Virginia has one of the highest costs of living in the nation, the actual purchasing power of these households is probably less than in other less “affluent” areas.

It is certainly true that people that relocate here from other areas of the country suffer a certain amount of “sticker shock” once they arrive. I’ve lived here for 33 years, and I’ve gotten over the shock myself.

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