Arthur Chianese CFO

Arthur Chianese

Oak Hill, VA
35+ Years of Experience

About Arthur Chianese

Arthur has been providing Advisory Services to a wide range of businesses for over 35 years. Some areas where he has extensive experience include Healthcare, Retail and Franchising, Mortgage Banking and Real Estate, Non Profit Entities, and International Taxation. Arthur believes that “Success through Cooperation” is the key to achieving strategic objectives while developing strong team oriented organizational goals.

Positioning Companies to excel beyond expectation through detailed financial analysis coupled with industry based financial performance indicators is Arthur’s prime role in preparing success plans for his clients. Through his extensive experience as a CFO, Arthur has honed his leadership skills to mange the many difficult financial challenges facing business owners in this developing new world order.

Arthur has worked with small and medium sized businesses from Massachusetts to Hawaii and provides tax assistance to foreign investors from Australia, Japan and China who invest in US real estate.

Arthur holds a BBA degree in Finance from The George Washington University in Washington DC, as well as an MBA degree, with distinction, from The New York Institute of Technology.