The Future of Mobile, Part 3

At the Bisnow “Future of Mobility” seminar (see my earlier posts), I asked whether the panelists thought we were in a mobile “bubble” already. The panelists didn’t think so. One said that the amount of money being thrown at companies in the mobile space is nowhere near what was happening before the dotcom meltdown. Another said that it is much less costly in today’s mobile world to prove out a concept (he mentioned the relatively low cost of developing apps), and thus unproductive ideas are quashed more quickly.

The panelists were also asked what companies will drive mobile and technology over the next 18 months. They mentioned four companies:

  • Apple – continued growth and innovation in the iPhone and the iPad
  • Google – through the Android operating system as an alternative to Apple
  • Facebook – because of the tremendous amount of information they have on what people like
  • Amazon – because they are masters of ease of use (e.g., One-Click purchasing) and their heavy push in the Kindle world

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